Marge MacKinnon Writer Editor Communicator

Marge MacKinnon finds it great fun to manipulate and dominate words and bend them to her will. Early on, Marge tried teaching word skills to youngsters who did not share her enthusiasm and preferred manipulating things other than words. Knowing there must be a place with more appreciation of the language, or at least more need for well-crafted sentences, she moved on to the business world.

Marge has been a business and technical writer and editor for more than 15 years, making topics such as insurance, clinical administration, interactive television, and computer software interesting and understandable.

When a consistent marketing message is needed, Marge can write and edit copy, email, letters, and brochures.

Marge's writing has:

  • Created effective user interface text for a corporation with a major online presence
  • Reduced support calls by clarifying knowledgebase articles
  • Documented policies and procedures
  • Created online help
  • Increased sales for a struggling business.

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