Marge MacKinnon Writer Editor Communicator

Never have these old song lyrics been more on target than with Web content. Marge MacKinnon's way with words will communicate your ideas clearly and convincingly.

Anyone can put words on a Web page, but it takes a skilled editor and writer like Marge to make those words sing a tune your audience will respond to. If the words on your Web page don't convince people, they're a waste of syllables.

  • Appeal to your target market
  • Entice, engage, and convince them
  • Make the words sing a compelling tune
  • Find the right tone for the topic

  • Slice through excess verbiage
  • Un-muddle directions and instructions
  • Make the incomprehensible clear to novices and experts
  • Know the right words for the audience

Contact Marge for rates and availability. She will work within your budget and schedule.