Marge MacKinnon


Proofing and Editing—Copy and Substantive

I proof and copyedit a variety of material for a local ad agency. In the following examples, the agency name has been replaced with "Agency," and the client and product names have been replaced with "Client" and "Client Product."


CaseStudy1 (pdf)

  Proposal (pdf)

  CaseStudy2 (pdf)

This knowledgebase article was given to me to fix. Customers were very dissatisfied when faced with the mass of information in the original articles. They couldn't find the information that pertained to their issue. Customer satisfaction rates increased substantially after I edited the text and reformatted the article.


1000811 original (web page)

1000811 revised (web page)

A company conducted a test in which customers would agree to have us remotely access their computers to see how our support site was being used. We offered a gift if they agreed. These are my edits.


Contacting Customers (pdf)

When support agents were assigned to write knowledgebase articles, I was asked to provide an abbreviated style guide with basic writing information.


You too can be a writer (pdf)

Web Page Content

A company had to notify customers who were trying to contact an agent about an issue with an older product that support for older products had ended, and that we recommend they purchase a newer version.


Discontinuation Page (pdf)

A company needed to ask customers' permission to contact them for a survey. These are my edits to the request for permission. In the first example, we offered a gift certificate if the customer agreed to take the survey. In the second example—a different survey—we told customers about the survey, and if the customer agreed to participate, we sent the survey and a cover email.


Survey and email (pdf)

A company needed a Frequently Asked Questions page to accompany a special offer of a free copy of the product.


Staples Free Offer (pdf)

Marketing Writing and Copywriting

I created a detailed blog entry for the company CEO describing the features and advantages of the company's new and innovative project management software.


Visualize Your Project (pdf)

A company made some major changes to the search engine used on the agent resource site. I was asked to sell the new search to the agents. This was done in a series of news briefs.


News1 (web page)

  News2 (web page)

  News3 (web page)

As part of a project to encourage electronic submission of support questions, I created the text for the submission pages. Each page had to include a notice that older products were not supported. However, while that information had to be prominent, it couldn't push the remaining information "below the fold." I decided to use expanding text. Here's what it looked like.


eSubPages (pdf)

Technical Writing

I created the help file for an application that uploaded photos to your TV. I also created the Viewers Guide for the main product. On another assignment, I created a help topic explaining how to create a new account.


PC Upload Help (help file)

   Viewers Guide (pdf)

  Set up your AC account (web page)

Project Specifications

One of my coworkers and I decided to learn more about the actual wording customers used when asking for product assistance. We wrote the Functional Requirements for the project. I also wrote the Functional Specification for an Emergency Alert System.


Customer Answers Project (pdf)

    EAS Spec (pdf)