Have you used Agent Home search recently?

We're making it easier for you to help customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

You told us searching on Agent Home wasn't giving you the results you needed, so we asked some of you to help us test it. As a result of your findings, we’ve made significant improvements to ensure that Agent Home search is as good, if not better, than searching in K@W. And we're working to make it even better than it is.

Agent Home search uses Google Search Appliance (GSA), the tool that has already made the Support Home search so successful. GSA gives you great results, even if you use a synonym or a different form of the word (installing instead of install, registration instead of register). Plus, in Agent Home, you get access to more types of information than in K@W.

>What's even more important—only Agent Home search can find the latest and greatest answers in the knowledgebase. As of last May, no new information was put into K@W. When 2010 product information is ready, it will be available only through Agent Home search. In the meantime, try Agent Home search for yourself. Let us know how we're doing and what we can do better.